Coming to you virtually December 6, 2021.

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December 6, 2021
| 9 AM to Noon CST

09:00 – Welcome & Introduction
Alan Lumsden, MD; Stuart Corr, PhD

09:05 – Year in Review: A Global Look Back at 2021
Steve Igo


09:10 – COP 26 Highlights
David Baldwin
Co-President, SCF Partners

09:15 – Greentown Labs Houston

Juliana Garaizar, MBA
Head of Houston Incubator & VP of Innovation,
Greentown Labs Houston

09:20 – Syzygy Plasmonics
Trevor Best
Chief Executive Officer, Syzygy Plasmonics

09:25 – Cemvita Factory
Moji Karimi
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Cemvita Factory

09:30 – Halliburton Labs
Greg Powers, PhD
VP of Innovation & Innovation Mentor, Halliburton Labs

09:35 – Enexor BioEnergy
Lee Jestings, MBA
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Enexor BioEnergy

09:40 – Ionada
Edoardo Panziera, MASc
Managing Director, Ionada

09:45 – Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI)
Andrew Barron, PhD
Founder & Director, Swansea University ESRI

09:50 – Membranology & Apex Water Solutions
Darren Oatley-Radcliffe, PhD
Associate Professor, Swansea University ESRI

09:55 – TrimTabs
Alvin Orbaek White, PhD
Senior Lecturer & Chief Scientific Officer, Swansea University


10:00 – The Space Rush
Jimmy Wu
Chief Engineer, National Space Biomedical Research Institute

10:10 – Space Health on Mission Near and Far
Dorit Donoviel, PhD
Executive Director, Translational Research Institute for Space Health

10:30 – Ad Astra Rocket: VASIMR Propulsion and Hydrogen Fuel
Franklin Chang Díaz, PhD
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Ad Astra Rocket Company


11:00 – Best of the Best: 15 Years in Review
Steve Igo
Director Emeritus, Pumps & Pipes

11:15 – P&P Social Media Internships
Sharyn Bristol
Mission Video Cataloger, Mori Associates

11:25 – P&P on Tour: Water-Wise Landscaping
Laura Gerik
Communications Director, Pumps & Pipes

George Tripsas
Senior Video Producer, Houston Methodist Hospital

11:40 – In the Mind of a Cardiovascular Surgeon
Alan B. Lumsden, MD
Chairman of Cardiovascular Surgery, Director of DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center, Houston Methodist Hospital

Fernando Castaldi
Senior Videographer, Houston Methodist Hospital

11:50 – What is in Store for 2022?
Stuart J. Corr, PhD
Executive Director, Director of Innovation Systems Engineering, Pumps & Pipes, Houston Methodist Hospital

12:00 – Conclusion

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The centerpiece of each year is the Pumps & Pipes Symposium in Houston, Texas. From the beginning, this symposium has drawn industry leaders and creative thinkers from Houston and beyond, attracting medical device engineers, cardiovascular physician-scientists, geologists, metallurgists, bioengineers, computer scientists, physicists and many others.

These symposia stimulate discussion, spark ideas and explore synergies between industries that face similar challenges in imaging, navigation, metallurgy, fluid dynamics, robotics, durable materials and remote monitoring. Discoveries range from the obvious spark of “Why didn’t we think of this before?” to the audacious “Why not?” moments of revelation.

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